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From $ 1.59 Triforest 12 mm Laminate Floor AC4

Toucan premium 12.3 mm Laminate AC4 ,5'' wide  60 Colors available  Each color of laminate floor is an individual work of art with its own personality, telling its own unique story. We hope that you find your personal favourite from our extensive selection of laminate floors. Your home deserves quality you can rely on.

*Great saving.On sale laminate flooring.

Factory Direct Laminate Floor 12mm, 5'' wide ,AC4 FROM: $1.59 PER SQ FT. 

Material:  12mm Laminate AC4 (60 COLORS AVAILABLE )

Call us at 604-558-2195 or come visit our Burnaby showroom. 

TRIFOREST high quality laminate flooring and related products.  All using super high density HDF fiberboards with AC3 / AC4 rating and WAX Sealed on the lock and joint. We put multiple  coats of varnish, 1 coats of Oxide Aluminum, in addition, the final wear layer. We completely implemented ISO9001 Quality Control System, and ISO 14001 Environmental Quality System.





TF 1112 milky Way




TF 1122


TF 2103


TF 2202


TF 2204


TF 2205


TF 2206


TF 2208


TF 2209








FT 4301


TF 4306


TF 6002


TF 6003


TF 6004


TF 6005


TF 6006


TF 6007


TF 6008


TF 6009


TF 6010


TF 6016


TF 6018


TF 6019


TF 6021


TF 2209